$D3D: Overview of the mechanics of $D3D

$D3D is the lifeblood of the Dead Rejects and strive NFT ecosystem. Below we discuss some of the mechanics as well as the utility of $D3D.


  • Supply: The $D3D token has a maximum supply of 15 million
  • Dead Rejects: Each Dead reject is capable of being staked and earning 7 $D3D per day
Additionally, delisted dead rejects will also receive compounding airdrops starting the week of April 27.
Compounding means the longer you delist the more airdrops you get.
  • Week 1:- 20 $D3D
  • Week 2:- 25 $D3D
  • Week 3:- 31 $D3D
  • Week 4:- 39 $D3D
  • Week 5:- 49 $D3D
  • Week 6:- 61 $D3D
  • Week 7:- 76 $D3D
  • Week 8:- 95 $D3D
  • Week 9:- 119 $D3D
  • Week 10:- 150 $D3D
  • If you list in any week in between and then again delist your airdrop rewards drop to week 1. These will be added on top of staking rewards. So if you’re staked, you get these as additional.
  • Dead Rejects holders who upgrade to undeads will be able to earn 14 $D3D per day from staking.
  • Female rejects will be able to earn 21 $D3D per day from staking.
Last modified 9mo ago