$D3D Utilities

$D3D have several utilities which are listed below.

The Rejects DAO will host $D3D auctions and raffles for:

  • Exclusive whitelist spots.
  • NFTs held in the Rejects DAO wallet.
  • Auctioning and raffling of swept Dead Rejects.


  • Dead rejects will be able to use 420 $D3D tokens to upgrade and become undeads.
  • Undeads will be able to use 840 $D3D tokens to mint female rejects. Dead Rejects will be able to use 840 $D3D tokens to mint female rejects. Undeads will get preference in minting female rejects over dead rejects.
  • Undeads will generate 2x daily yield over dead rejects and female rejects will generate 3x daily yield.

Fractional NFT Marketplace

  • Dead Rejects Holders and $D3D token holders will enjoy a host of holder privileges on Strive’s fractional NFT marketplace.
  • Dead Rejects will not pay any fees on the platform, as compared to non-holders who will pay 0.25% - 0.5% transaction fees and 10% of profits will also be charged for non-holders.
  • Additionally 7.5% of profits from the platform will be added into the liquidity pool for $D3D tokens and an additional 5% will be used to reward Dead Rejects holders with $D3D airdrops.
  • Dead rejects will be able to utilize their $D3D tokens in the marketplace to buy fractions of both solana and eth NFTs.

NFT Derivatives Exchange

Dead rejects will be able to use $D3D tokens to trade NFT derivatives on strives NFT derivative exchange without paying any fees. Non token holders will pay 0.25-0.5% in trading fees.